Retail & Commercial Home Theater in Phoenix

Residental Services

Before and After Big Screen Conversion

Before - A Big Screen in a Custom Cabinet | After - Larger 4K TV Outside the Cabinet Niche & Custom Cabinet Underneath

Take advantage of our shopping/delivery service. We charge you the invoice price of the TV plus our time and gas. With Netflix and other streaming video build inside of the TV, we connect the audio from the TV to your older surround receiver so you hear what you see. This eliminates lip sync problems and the need for HDMI switching in the receiver. 

A home theater can start with a flat screen TV and a basic soundbar.

This is an example of our work to retrofit HDTV's into cabinets made for Large Rear Projection TVs. For a greater size picture you may be able to add cabinet storage below. Do you have a rear projection TV in a niche that needs replaced? Did you know a new TV has a rectangular shape that needs to be 30% larger than the old square TV to keep the same picture impact in your home theatre. Surrounded By Sound can replace your old TV with a new high definition, ultra thin flatscreen that covers more than the interior of the niche. This leaves room below the TV for a cabinet or sound equipment. This results in clean lines with an amazing picture. Smart TVs use high definition HDMI cables and have a wireless connection for internet movies. We will run new cables as needed and program a home theater remote control to combine all your remotes for easy operation. 

Take advantage of our shopping/delivery service to get the best price and turnkey upgrade to your home theatre. Even if your surround receiver does not have HDMI switching but has a fiber optic digital audio input, we can do the switching in the new TVs. What you see is what you hear! 

We deliver eye catching results on your budget. Call us for a free estimate.At Surrounded By Sound Inc. we provide a wide range of residential services. A home theater can start with a flat screen TV and a small stereo. This could be improved by moving the TV to over the fireplace and putting all the electronics into a hall closet. We have remotes that can operate through closed cabinets. 

The sky is the limit when you look at the size of a TV picture and the surround sound horsepower you might want to sound like an actual movie theater in your home. Theater chairs with drink holders. Theater drapery. TV projectors with ten foot pictures or larger. Sound so real that you jump out of your seat! Don't forget the popcorn maker. 

With today's extremely thin and light flat screens you can mount them almost anywhere. From the ceiling mount to the wall mount with tilt or not. Even in a corner or a niche a cantilever mount can do the job. Some people even want multiple TV's of different sizes so they can keep an eye on different sporting events, security cameras, or internet. 

Speakers also come in a wide variety of types and prices. You may want recessed mounted ceiling or wall speakers. Cabinet speakers can sometimes be hidden behind acoustically transparent curtains or just flank the TV. For that explosive bottom end the self powered subwoofer can make a big difference.  Homes have other electronic needs such as the distribution of a wired computer network for security of your home office or a recorded camera system that is accessible over the internet throughout the world on your smartphone. 

If you have a dream, we can deliver it.

Equipment Procurement and Delivery Service

At Surrounded By Sound we know the home consumer has many shopping choices. You can order over the internet or go to the “big box stores” and purchase the TV of your dreams. We will design your home theater, install what you purchase and manage future improvements.

We offer a shopping and delivery service at our low rates and you get your TV at their invoice price. Our working experience with many manufacturers gets you the best price and reliability. Some people just don't have a truck big enough for that dream TV or the men to lift it.

Occasionally a TV needs repair. Some warranty centers do not have in home service or you are outside their service area. We can remove your TV from the mount and safely take it to the repair center, return it and reinstall it.

If you are moving within our region we can disassemble your system, safely pack it and reassemble it at your new home. We are a Bonded - Insured - Contractor. You can trust us and our expertise.

Think of Surrounded By Sound for Retail & Commercial Home Theater in Phoenix.

IP Camera Based Surveillance System & Security Observation

Surveillance Systems

If you own a business or a home, you can't always prevent “events” but you can identify those responsible. We offer full installation of IP based Security Camera Systems that can be monitored world wide from a computer or smart phone. You are linked to the internet with your own personal site that only you can see. IP Cameras have a variety of benefits to you! Higher Resolution, Power over Ethernet (POE), Increased reliability, and savings due to less cabling. Placed anywhere a wireless network can carry data commands like pan, tilt, and zoom.

You can mix and match cameras to your specific needs. From one to sixteen or more. Some cameras have variable focal lenses that allow zoom shots for facial recognition or license plates. A "PTZ" (pan tilt zoom) camera can be remotely controlled for specific views you need. A camera system can be just the right addition to your security system. You start with focusing on your most important needs within your budget. To get started, contact us to begin a system design.

Advantages at HOME of Observation Systems

Smart phone

  • The safety of your children is most important you can monitor their treatment and activities
  • Watch your home when you are not there
  • Watch you vacation home even if it is in another country
  • Your valuables inside and outside can be watched
  • The arrival and departure time of landscape workers and cleaning personnel can be documented
  • See ALL activity in and around your home

Advantages at BUSINESS

Surrounded by Surveillance

  • Remotely watch the cash register
  • Document employee theft or customer shoplifting
  • Keep track of inventory
  • Identifying thieves (a DVR is legal evidence)
  • Employee Safety - Parking lot surveillance
  • Have a true record of accidents for insurance claims.
  • Watch your Safe and POS locations

Commercial Services

Surrounded by Sound

At Surrounded By Sound Inc. we provide a wide range of commercial services. We believe all digital electronic interfaces are converging to the internet. This has increased the demand for greater bandwidth and speed of all users. The ultimate backbone for the future is fiber optics. We are certified and licensed to install the fiber optic cabling and fusion splice the terminations. We can design the network, fabricate the patch bays, test, certify and document the quality of the installation. We have maintenance agreements available. Our technicians are qualified to handle the newest gigaspeed+ data cabling available. Companies are moving toward voice over IP and broadcasters are moving to 3D high definition television. From the demark to the laptop or the high definition 3D camera to the broadcast truck in the parking lot. Our 20+ year corporate history throughout Arizona and our region includes: distributed audio/video, voice over internet, IT data, fiber optics, media rooms, boardrooms, paging, 70 volt background music in apartment complexes and restaurants, distributed satellite systems, speaker installation, flat panel media walls, video projectors and hospital nurse call with television control.

As a subcontractor we want to provide quality work in a timely professional manner. We welcome any questions you may have. We stand ready to show our abilities and expertise.


Fiber Optic Cabling for Premises Distribution

If your company is looking to replace copper wire with fiber optic cable you need much more than a tech with some super glue and electrical tape. The installation of fiber cable has critical tensile load restrictions. Pulling fiber cable beyond it's rating or bend radius will damage the cable and require costly replacement or loss of signal quality.

Every installation requires the correct type of cable for the end use and the location it is to be used in. Single-mode or multi-mode you need to consider the external protection of the cable. You may need a metallic sheath, dielectric jacket or no external protection at all. The National Electrical Code (NFPA 70) will determine the fire resistance requirements of your location. You may need plenum, riser or general purpose cable.

Surrounded by Sound

For this investment your company will gain the advantage of gigabit + speed, greater bandwidth, longer runs without “refreshing”, resistance to electromagnetic noise and lower cost of maintenance. Some experts say fiber has greater security against being tapped into by competitors. If your company wants a competitive advantage in the future for information technology, voice over the internet or even 3D High Definition broadcast television production you need to contact us for an on site survey.