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R. Scott Callahan started Surrounded By Sound over 20 years ago but the story did not start there. As a teen, music was in a renaissance with bands discovering “electric” guitars and stadiums. It was a different time and attitude. The “Baby Boomers” were coming of age. Then it was off to The Ohio State University where each floor of the dorms had a dozen blaring stereos going at the same time. If you love music it was heaven. After graduating with a business degree it was off to the races. I immediately went to Atlanta because it was “cool”. The underground had it's own musical flavor. The Allman Brothers Band played regularly. 

Eventually ending up in Miami Florida where many a spring break had been spent. I lived with my AEPi brothers at The University of Miami. Then I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I worked for “The Who” when they were at the top of their game. I was on stage as a local roadie. Music did not get better than this. I discovered the sauna a the UofM pool was kept at 220 degrees and I would stay in for an hour. This genetic defect had a lot to do with enjoying pulling wires in attics in Phoenix in the summer.

After a stint running the family business in Ohio one of my suppliers hired me to be a manufacturers rep for Michigan and Northern Wisconsin. I went to stay with my AEPi brothers at the University of Michigan. Woody Hayes would not have liked that.

After a couple of winters that were “one in a hundred years” and 15 foot snow drifts I moved to Arizona where since 1978 I have been in the audio video business. I love music and movies. I was in heaven. I would rearrange a customers entire house to get that 7 foot Kloss Novabeam TV to fit. After over a decade of retail I started my own company and have been a licensed contractor here for the last 20 years.

My 2 daughters have graduated college (ASU & UofA). They will tell you that music comes from the internet on their phone. I recently set up a record player to hear the “real time” recordings of my past. I still have over a thousand albums that my wife would like to see disappear.

Well this brings you up to the present where you have a pile of remotes and can't turn on your TV. My staff includes: repair techs, computer experts, a fiber optic journeyman that designed and installed the Chase Field Ballpark for high definition digital cameras along with custom cabinet makers, drywall and paint repairmen. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.

R. Scott Callahan
C.E.O. S.B.S. Inc.